Getting Into Blogging

After three years and lots of encouraging, I now have a blog. Over the last few years, I have enjoyed reading Tacoma’s  Mike Curto’s Mike…Off Mic. The Mariners Triple-A Affiliate. So here we go… So bear with me as I figure this whole thing out. The plan is to keep you posted on news regarding the Mariners Minor Leagues and specifically how it affects the Jackson Generals. Hopefully during the season I can attach interviews and featured audio as well.

For the first time in my now four seasons, we will have the same three coaches back for 2012. You can read that story here. I spoke with manager Jim Pankovits and he is recovering from shoulder surgery, but excited to be coming back to Jackson. The only loss to the staff was athletic trainer Matt Toth, who has accepted a role with the big league club.

I was able last week to attend the MLB Winter Meetings, but I will not water down my first blog post with it. I will do that in the next one. It was my first ever experience attending and to put it mildly, it was a blast.

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