A Conversation with ESPN’s Buster Olney and Stadium Renovation Photos

Friday I had a chance to pick the brain of ESPN’s Buster Olney on some of the hot topics leading into the 2012 baseball season. The interview aired on the show I host each week on 96.5 ESPN Radio each Friday afternoon from 3-6pm with Coach Joe Holloway. We talk about everything from the Michael Pineda/Jesus Montero trade to the short term and long term outlook of the Seattle Mariners in the AL West. We get into different topics like the Cardinals strange offseason and his history and time spent on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight.


The project to clean up and renovate the area behind Pringles Park and viewing from Interstate 40. Here are a few pictures of the work being done and I will try to post new pictures each week on how the progress is going.

The project is underway to enhance the appearance of the park for the 40,000 cars that TDOT says pass each day. Included in the project is the clearing of trees and kudzu, plus the addition of a pond with fountain and marquee sign that will feature an electronic message board promoting upcoming games and promotions.

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