Construction Photos and Spring Training Links

Today I thought I would post some updated photos from the construction project going on behind the outfield wall near Interstate 40. It is great seeing progress to this project. Not a day seemingly goes by that someone will not ask me “Hey, what is going on behind the ballpark,”which is good that people are at least thinking about the team. Gives us something to sell and talk about.

Countless amounts of trees have been cut down making the park much more visible for approaching cars on I-40.

The large hole in the ground will be a pond with a large fountain. Here is hoping they put some large mouth bass in it!


We all want the latest information regarding happenings at Mariners spring training. If you are like me, you frequent a few sites every day. Here is a list of the links that I visit most often. Maybe you can recommend a few to me. We are all fans right?

In no particular order…

Geoff Baker’s Seattle Times Mariners Blog

Larry Stone’s Seattle Times Hot Stone League

Greg Johns’ Mariners Musings Blog

Rick Randall’s Seattle Clubhouse

The News Tribune Mariners Insider

NorthWest Sports Beat Mariners

SoDo Mojo Fan Site

Shannon Drayer’s Mariners Blog

Tacoma Broadcaster Mike Curto’s Blog

And of course the Mariners and Jackson Generals websites.

Finally, the Generals are having the first ever job fair this Saturday from 10am till noon. Here is my column this past Sunday in the Jackson Sun about the job fair.

43 days away from the home opener against the Barons on April 5th. Man, time is flying by…


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