My Hypothesis on the Generals Roster

Here is my outlook on what the Generals roster look like on opening day. I wrote a story in the local paper Monday on the recent cuts and some minor projections. You can read it HERE . This is a wild guess but I consider it a hypothesis. Harris’ Hypothesis!

I will preface the projections by saying this. I am not in Arizona right now. Roster news in baseball is kept about as secret as President Obama’s cell phone number. So this is pretty much just for fun.

  • RED – Projecting to start at lower level
  • GREEN – Projecting to start at higher level

Starting Rotation:

  • LHP Danny Hultzen
  • RHP Taijuan Walker
  • LHP James Paxton
  • RHP Yoervis Medina
  • LHP James Gillheeney

Other Considerations: RHP Jandy Sena, RHP Forrest Snow, RHP Taylor Stanton, RHP Steven Hensley, RHP Jarrett Grube RHP Kenn Kasparek, RHP Jeff Marquez, RHP Andrew Carraway


If you are going to project a roster, why not make it exciting! I am more certain of Hultzen and Walker, not as much on Paxton. He only pitched 39 Double-A innings last year and with a cluster mess of arms in Tacoma. Why not let him come back where he is comfortable for a bit? Steven Hensley is an interesting case. He could very well be in the rotation, but due to his psyche, I think he gets a whirl in Triple-A maybe even the pen. I think once “the big three” make the move up you will see Kasparek, Stanton and Carraway get  starts. By the way, I REALLY like Jandy Sena. We saw him for a few games in relief for Jackson last season and he was lights out. Big guy that throws hard and has nice secondary stuff. I like his chances to be in the Jackson rotation at some point.


  • RHP Andrew Carraway (had a brilliant year last year, but still not priority)
  • RHP Moises Hernandez
  •  LHP Brian Moran
  • RHP Stephen Penney
  • RHP Alex Periard (signed by Mariners last year, played 3 seasons in Huntsville with Brewers)
  • LHP Jose Jimenez (had a 6.44 ERA in High Desert, but lefty with good stuff could thrive in SL)

Other Considerations: RHP Chris Sorce, RHP Austin Hudson, RHP Tyler Burgoon, , LHP Bobby LaFromboise, LHP Nick Hill, , LHP Philippe Valiquette, RHP Daniel Cooper, RHP Stephen Pryor, LHP Brian Moran, RHP Brian Sweeney, RHP Jonathan Arias

The bullpen situation is truly a crap shoot. I think there will be several cuts up high that will effect the Generals. With Brian Moran’s great second half, does that lead him to a Triple-A assigment? I think he or LaFromboise start in Tacoma. I like Moran’s stuff better in the long run.


  • Jesus Sucre
  • Brandon Bantz

Other Considerations: Ralph Henriquez, Angel Salome, Steve Baron, John Hicks, Guillermo Quiroz

Last year the Generals went two weeks with Brandon Bantz as their only catcher. The Mariners have more depth at catcher this year and even with the injury to Adam Moore, I think the two catchers return from last season. In the long run, can Steve Baron fullfill the hype and how long before they push the talented former Virginia catcher John Hicks. I like him better than any catcher in the system.


  • Nick Franklin
  • Scott Savastano
  • Rich Poythress
  • Francisco Martinez
  • Nate Tenbrink

Other Considerations: Edilio Colina, Luis Jimenez, Leury Bonilla, Eric Campbell (would be playing for his third SL team in 2 years), Gabriel Noriega

Several AA veterans will be back in the infield. I do think there is a good chance Eric Campbell will be on the roster. Just not sure how things are going in spring training with him and what position they play him. Solid hitter and saw plenty of him with Mississippi and Carolina. This is a huge year for Tenbrink who has now been passed on the depth chart and will fight for PT. I think Scott Savastano could see time at second base. Or maybe Gabriel Noriega opens as the starter at second. Savastano had better numbers than Poythress last year. I think this will be a break out season for Nick Franklin. Cross your fingers that he stays healthy. He needs a rabbits foot in his spikes. His luck has been terrible.


  • Johermyn Chavez
  • Denny Almonte
  • James McOwen
  • Joe Dunigan
  • Daniel Carroll

Other Considerations: Brandon Haveman, Dennis Raben, Jake Shaffer, Kuo Hui Lo (injured), Chih-Hsien Chiang

Chavez had a nice spring in big league camp and I hope it carries over. He struggled immensely last year. But, he does have the best outfield arm I have ever seen. Like Vlad Guerrero good. The Mariners have a decision to make with Joe Dunigan who has battled injuries the last few years. I see Daniel Carroll as the potential leadoff hitter if Brandon Haveman is not on the roster. Almonte struck out 161 times last year and 192 times the year before but he did drive in 97 runs last year in High Desert and with all the hype maybe they give him a shot.

Now I am ready for the hate mail…


One comment

  1. everblue77

    Definatley going to be an interesting year. There seems to be more depth than in past years and earning a spot at AA will be tough. Fans this year could see more movement than most. This team should contend just from the fact there will be so much talent coming through…even for just a month or so ~OR~ this team will never have a chance to gel because of the movement. How’s that for covering both sides of a bet? As I started….interesting year for sure. 23 Days!

    Nice read Chris, Thanks!

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