A Sit Down With Danny Hultzen

Today I had a chance to visit with the Mariners No. 2 pick in last years draft Danny Hultzen. He has started the season 0-2, but don’t let the record fool you. He is fine. Hultzen struck out 9 last night in 5 2/3 innings and allowed 2 unearned runs to score while walking 3.

The big difference between his game 2 start and his first start was that he just pitched. He was a little nervous during his first start last Sunday. He did not have good command of his secondary stuff, thus more fastballs. Fast forward to Friday night and it was a different pitcher. His slider was good and he was throwing it for strikes. His change up was better because he through it for strikes. Generals pitching coach Lance Painter has told him to work inside more with the fastball, especially to lefties and last night he did. You see the result.

He impressed with his athleticism, being able to field a perfectly placed bunt down the first base line and throwing the runner out.

His demeanor reminds you a lot of ironically, Dustin Ackley, the other No. 2 overall pick to play in Jackson during the last three years. Both are very quiet, but courteous and outstanding young men. The Mariners have done well in drafting talented players, but also solid human beings.

Hultzen does not remind you of anyone on the mound. He has his own style and it seems to work. Very well.




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