Diamondbacks Put Wrench in Bauer/Hultzen

Okay, just wanted to get this out there so there is no false advertising about tonight’s game. At roughly 11:43 AM today I found out that Mobile RHP Trevor Bauer had been promoted to AAA Reno.

In this business roster moves and promotions are a part of the game and you come to expect anything on a daily basis. But, wow, what a blow to the fans of Jackson and of baseball in general. This is when the fan side in me begins to come out. I literally had a lump in my throat when I read the e-mail.

More than likely, the Hultzen/Bauer matchup had nothing to do with the fact Bauer was promoted to AAA today, but it makes you scratch your head just a bit. They did have the off day yesterday and sometimes off days are the best time to promote/move a player.

Today in the local paper…on local radio…local TV it was all Hultzen/Bauer so I hate it for the fans that were looking forward to the face off.

But, it is part of the business. Just a little frustrating.

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