Rain, Jack McKeon and Danny Hultzen

Tonight, Jackson’s game with Jacksonville was suspended in the 4th inning thanks in part to part torrential downpours and storms. I have seen more rain the past 3 days than I have the first 2 months of the season. With a (semi) night off, I wanted to make a post on what everyone is thinking right now. When is Danny Hultzen going to be promoted.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is ready for a new level. The way that Hultzen is pitching now, he would not be challenged even in Triple-A. Will he face a few more veteran hitters in Tacoma? Yes. Will he pass the test with flying colors? Yes. There has not been a pitcher in the Southern League since Clayton Kershaw or David Price to draw such attention or adoration.

Today Jack McKeon sought me out in the press box to talk about Hultzen. The former NL Manager of the Year was blown away with his mound presence and command. He was my guest tonight on the Generals broadcast and you can listen to the interview where we discuss Hultzen, his future and who he reminds him of. The first 2 minutes or so is about his career, so you can skip through that if you want. Sitting through a rain delay is pretty awesome. Listening to old stories and talking about the 2003 Marlins is pretty priceless.


One thing being around Danny for half a season I have learned is he is never satisfied. Whether he strikes out 12 or throws 8 scoreless innings. He never is comfortable. At 22 years old he is well beyond his years and is a major leaguer in every part of the game. He sprints on and off the field, wears the socks up high and is an old school competitor.

If Thursday is his final start in a Jackson uniform (which I think it will be), then it has been a privilege to watch him pitch.

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