Mariner Fans Meet Carter Capps

With all the hype around the “big three” of Danny Hultzen, James Paxton and Taijaun Walker, none of those where the most feared by Birmingham hitters this week. Mariner fans meet Carter Capps. No, he is not a highly rated prospect or getting story after story written about him, but he may be the first General pitcher to throw a major league pitch. In two outings and 4 2/3 innings he has struck out 6.

After Justin Greene struck out against Capps on Friday night he told fellow teammates he did not see the  97 MPH fastball until it had sailed by him. Capps was the Division II NCAA pitcher of the year while at Mt. Olive College in North Carolina. He was the M’s third round pick in the 2011 draft.

His biggest strength is deception. Of course, a 97 MPH fastball does not hurt. Observe the sequence of photos that show you the low arm trajectory. One Baron hitter said he thought the ball came out of Capps’ stomach.

Tuesday is a travel day for the Generals and we open a series against the Tennessee Smokies tomorrow night at 6:15 CDT.


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